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Let me introduce myself to all of you. I am Hannah Kathleen B. Bulanhagui, 16 years old from Batangas, Philippines.

I am was a Grade 10 student at Sta. Teresa College and  is currently was the Supreme Student Council Secretary of the whole STC High School Department.

Some of you may think that I’m too young for this. I tried blogging so I can be productive in my spare time. Oh, speaking of spare time. I got a little of it since I am an ESEP student, and a busy-bee secretary of the Supreme Student Council. But you know, i’d like to start a new hobby. I wont die trying this one. Right?

I never had an idea that i would start a blog like this. I am not fluent in speaking and writing excerpts using the english language. But you know, I wanna try a different style.

I started blogging just today lol, December 22, 2015. uhm, i think i’m just out of my mind trying to open something you no nothing about. yes, i am. REALLY. But i must say that this blogging thingy would be soon my hobby. So I think I opened this blog so I can document my life, although I have Instagram. Hahaha, but who cares. Second, I want to share my thoughts to all of you. And ofcourse, for my own good, i wanna try something fun and new.

Spend some time here in my site and you’ll surely experience some fun. I am just a newbie blogger, but I want to give my creative side of me through this blog.
Hoping that everyone of you will support my blog. Looking forward for a great time with you, folks.

PS: You can follow me on my instagram account, @hannahkathhleen.


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