Sunday Currently Vol. 1

            My past few days were all so boring lately. My daily routine was like ‘gising, kain, online, kain, kain, kain, tulog’. But yeah, life is so unfair. Hindi kasi ako tumataba kahit na ang dami kong kumain. Why like that?!? 😢 So yeah, I thought that I might and I should continue this blog because wala naman ako pagkakaabalahan this whole vacation.



The Winner Stands Alone by Paulo Coelho. This would be my 3rd time to read (reread) this book. Idk, i still find it awesome and interesting. Kumbaga sa tagalog, HINDI KO PA SIYA PINAGSASAWAAN.


my first ever Sunday Currently. I first saw this entry at Maine Mendoza’s blog. I was so inspired and felt the need to write. So here you all go, hope you would read this. It would really mean a lot to me. Thanks!


to ‘It’s A Hit’ playlist on Spotify. Five of my favourite tracks in that playlist are the following:

  • Don’t Let Me Down- Chainsmokers
  • Youth-Troye Sivan
  • 7 Years-Lukas Graham
  • History- One Direction
  • Secret Love Song- Little Mix


of Dawn Zulueta and Angelina Jolie. My Grade 10 life was hella stressful that’s why I didn’t had any time to show my support to these two. I missed some events of Mama Dawn, plus I didn’t get the chance to browse the net and look for some updates about Angelina’s life. I am so broke 💔


of going to different plces and be productive. I am so trapped in this house and I don’t know how to make my life not this boring. (Honestly, I predicted this vacation as a hella boring 2 months of my life. But atleast, I was able to lessen my stress because of school 😇)


that someday I could see my two favorite celebrities, Dawn Zulueta and Angelina Jolie. Although it seems too impossible, I still hope that someday I could see them face to face. #DakilangFangirl #Y’allFeeelMe


a black shirt and shorts. 


the Halo-Halo I ate. Yes, that’s my happy pill now choz!


to buy choco-pao. Someone give me some asaaap!


a cooler environment. lol hannah, what do you expect? it’s summer!


productive because I was able to publish another entry! yay!



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