Angelina Jolie is Truly One of a Kind



It was last December 5,2014 when I laid my eyes to one of the most beautiful and INSPIRING woman of all time, Angelina Jolie Pitt. That was the time that marked my love for her. I wrote this entry to express my love for her, and to narrate how crazy I am for her.


1. She’s an Inspiration. I adore her so much because of the change she did for herself. She was once a young, wild and badass girl who lived her hollywood life very publicly. I repeat, very publicly. In an interview, she told the whole world she lost her virginity when she was just 14 years old. (Many teens nowadays lost their virginity at the age of 14, or even younger. Teens nowadays are a bit very promiscuous.) She collected knives and she even announced in an interview that when she feel trapped, she will cut herself. “Shit happens” she said. She accepted some rated movies, like Gia, which she acted as Gia Carangi, a late model who got obsessed with money and drugs. But when she met maddox jolie pitt, her first son (the adopted one), her life suddenly changed. She became more concerned about herself, and about the people around her. She even became the UNHCR Ambassador. She helped other people, and told the news that 1/3 of her income is alloted to help other people. So yeah, this is the first reason. If I wasn’t able to convince you how inspiring she is, then I don’t know anymore.

15 years can make a lot of difference.

2. She’s a UNHCR Ambassador. Angie’s interest in humanitarian affairs was piqued way back 2000 when she had to shoot her film “Lara Croft: The Tomb Raider” in Cambodia. She then started to travel with UNHCR in some remote countries and regions. She built a lot of foundations like “Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation”. She also launched an organization named “National Centre for Refugee and Immigrant Children”. She even partnered with Microsoft  to launch “Kids in Need of Defence (KIND)”. She also co-chairs the “Education Partnership for Children of Conflict”, which helps fund education programmes for children affected by conflict.On 2007, Jolie became a member of “Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)”. She funded some reports of CFR and on 2010, she visited Haiti build “Jolie Legal Fellows Programme” to enhance government capacity around the rule of law. The “Jolie-Pitt Foundation”, meanwhile, has provided funding in Namibia to the N/a’an ku sê Wildlife Sanctuary for the care of injured wildlife and to help minimize conflict between humans and wild animals. Read More about Angelina Jolie’s Humanitarian Side

3. She’s a Great Actress. Although she said in an interview that she will quit acting( and it hurts me, LIKE HELL) and she said that she never loved acting, she is still one of the best actress I have ever watched. Here are some of my favorite movies of Angelina Jolie(actually i love all, but i will pick 7):

  • Maleficent (2014)– I found perfection when I watched her in this movie. Her role here was Maleficent which is the protector of the Moors. But then she got betrayed by the one she loved, that’s why she turned out to be the evil witch who made Aurora sleep forever. (Watch this movie and you’ll she the plot twist :P)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005)– Her role was Jane Smith along with her husband Brad Pitt which name is John Smith in the movie. I love how Jane and John tried to kill each other where in fact, they are married. She’s just so amazing in this movie though.
  • Girl Interrupted (1999)– I fell in love with this sociopath, who think she’s hotshit.Her name in this movie was Lisa Rowe.  This is my most favorite movie. (You all can’t blame me :P) She won the following awards:
    • Best Actress in a Supporting Role in Oscars 2000.
    • Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture in Golden Globes 2000.
    • Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role in Screen Actor Guilds 2000.
    • Best Actress in a Supporting Role in Awards Circuit Community Awards 1999.
    • Favorite Supporting Actress – Drama in Blockbuster Entertainment Awards 2000.
    • Best Supporting Actress in Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards 2000.
    • 2nd place in Best Supporting Actress in San Diego Film Critics Society Awards 1999.
  • Beyond Borders (2003)– This movie was just so good. You will cry in the entire movie plus you will realize how blessed you are upon watching this.Her name in this movie is Sarah Jordan.
  • Cyborg 2 (1993)– Some reviews says this is not a good movie, but for me it is. Casella Reese (Angelina Jolie) is a cyborg who fell in love with a human. I loved the whole plot, actually.
  • Salt (2010)– Her name here is Evelyn Salt which is a CIA agent but when a defector accuses her of being a Russian spy, Salt’s oath is put to the test. Now a fugitive, Salt must use every skill gained from years of training and experience to evade capture, but the more she tries to prove her innocence, the more guilty she seems. I swear the ending so so amazing. I hope they will make a Part 2.
  • Changeling (2008)– This was a movie about a mom who lost her child, Walter. Five months later her prayers are answered when Walter is found in Illinois. But to Christine’s horror, the boy who steps off the train is not her son. The police thought that Christina Collins (Angelina Jolie) was hella crazy of thinking it is not her son. She fought until the end and found justice.


There are lot of reasons to love Angelina Jolie. If these reasons didn’t do anything for you to love her, then I don’t know what is.


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