Back to School thoughts

               It has been a one hella roller coaster ride summer, and I must say that it brought my emotional level on high! Thanks to everyone who were with me in that same ride 🙈. Honestly saying, this summer is probably one of the best I’ve ever had. Not just because of tons of shenanigans and gala, but also because of the people who was with me throughout this summer. And as ‘Summer 2016’ shut it’s door to all of us, rainy days and school works are expected to be coming.

           I put this entry when the witching hour strikes, and everyone in the house is as sleep. I can’t help myself but stay up all night, and think about random things. Anyway, school days are fast-approaching, and this may sound outré, but I feel a bit of excitement this coming school year, since we are the first batch of Senior High School students, and for the reason of trying and stumbling on the effectiveness of senior high for the future us. But on the contrary, I feel a lot of melancholy inside my chest.

        Anyway, here are some of my “Back-to-School Thoughts”. Some of my thoughts may sound cliché, but we can deny that most of us are thinking the most impossible and inappropriate things. (🙈)

1. As my eyes tried to be awake and still, I can hear the echoing and sounding of the bamboo trees near our house. I’ve always love the sound of it, (even though it’s kind of weird) especially when I’m all awake at the crack of dawn, trying to memorize all my notes for GRADE sake. (Of course, I don’t want to dissatisfy my parents at some point.)Well at last, I can hear you again.

2. I’m hoping for a better grade on Math. I will try to love and accept you for who you are, so please don’t fail me. I’ve helped you solve your shitty problems since day 1, and I hope that you could give me a better breakthrough in you this school year.

( ( ( ( ((( P O S I T I V I T Y ))) ) ) )

3. Here comes the rainy season again. This may sound weird, but I missed the sound of these raindrops falling on our roof, creating noisy sounds. I missed walking in the streets with my friends, holding umbrellas in the midst of the rain. I missed riding on a jeepney, trying to dodge every single raindrop that the air might throw at me. But most of all, I missed the classes we’ve had. The time when all of us are sitting still, having no idea that the suspension of classes are finally announced (yet not a single teacher broadcasted it to the whole class). So, as the school year 2016-2017 opens it’s door to us, all these things will probably happen again. (Sounds weird, right? )

4. I’m hoping that all ATG ABM’s are still my classmates. I couldn’t imagine my school year without them sitting with me on the same room.

5. I’m expecting a LOT of jeje people in the group. I’ve always hated those kind of people, not just the jeje ones but the pasikat, malandi, and walang pakialam na tao. I hope my temper will try it’s best to longer itself, or else!

6. Thoughts that cling my mind the most, is the thought of having not enough sleepS. At some point, I love doing it because I have my companies with me (who else, of course, ATG) . But most of the time, I’m hating it because it gives me ‘sleepy head’ feeling, that I couldn’t take specially in class.

7. I can’t imagine myself wearing “above the knee” skirts, like how tf would I manage to sit comfortably on a tricycle or a jeepney, without trying to overthink “Are they seeing something?” “Why are they looking at me?” “Who the hell invented skirts?”.

8. I expect for a lot of sweating this year, since our blouse is designed as 3/4 blouse. I just hope that these underarm sweats won’t pass through my blouse.

9. Thinking who’s gonna be my seat mate. I hope she’s as good as all my seat mates were. And I hope she’s as brilliant as Hermione so I can copy (kiddingggg! *wink*)

10. Lastly, I’m hoping for a happy school year. I’m hoping for a lot of laughter (and eating too! 😉 )

Soooo, these are my thoughts this coming school year. What are yours?


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