50 Random Facts About Me

1. I love to take selfies, and after seeing the results, I urgently delete it.
2. I always love the smell of rice. ( The ones that aren’t cooked yet.)
3. I am an awkward person. I don’t usually hug my friends and even my family. I don’t know, maybe I was born to be like this. ( I’m trying to be that sweet person, but I just can’t do it, I just can’t.)
4. I am a sarcastic person. I’ll probably say mean things to you, either your a friend or an enemy. ( There’s no in between.)
5. I never have had any boyfriend.
6. I love Barbie dolls.
7. I am fascinated to the things related with science, like the black hole, UFO’s, planets, and others.
8. I don’t drink tea.
9. I want to be a model someday. Tee hee!
10. I love Dawn Zulueta and Angelina Jolie. Nothing in this world can stop me from loving the both of them.
11. I can’t go on a day without listening music.
12. I want to be successful someday. ( Who doesn’t wish this thing, Hannah?!)
13. I always love the feeling when I am with my friends. They make me happy.
14. I had, I have, and I will always suffer from depression. I overthink to much.
15. I want to be a Lifestyle Blogger like Ida Anduyan.
16. I love anything coffee-flavored.
17. I hate people who are so silent, like ‘Say that you feel awkward and I’ll leave!’
18. I want to travel the world in God’s time.
19. Cellphone, wristwatch, and handkerchief are the things I can’t live without.
20. I love Harry Potter.
21. I never liked to eat sweet “ulams”.
22. I have a habit of leaving a spoonful of rice or something in my plate.
23. My dream camera is the FUJIFILM X-A2. Give me one, please! 😔
24. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are the sites I regularly visit.
25. I always dream of seeing and hugging Dawn Zulueta and Angelina Jolie. That is one of my life goals.
26. I love old songs.
27. I am so fascinated about the reign of Marcos. I am always curious about his presidency. “Was he a really great president or not?” is the question that cling my mind the most.
28. I dream to be a CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT someday.
29. I could care less even if you like me or not.
30. I hate people who don’t smile back at me like ‘ you had the guts to ask me some things, and you were there walking past behind me pretending you didn’t see me at all’.
31. I always hate the smell of ‘calamarez’.
32. I love cold foods.
33. I forgive easily. But always bear in mind that what you’ve done to me will never be forgotten.
34. I learned to say shitty words back when I was grade 7.
35. Someone threw a stone at me when I was little, and the mark is still with me, in my head.
36. I want to be perfectly happy.
37. I hate some people here in our village , even those I consider family.
38. I love to take pictures randomly.
39. I hate when two people drifted together and never came back to fix what’s between them. (I’m referring to Chardawn.)

40. I haven’t had any talent.
41. I’m a nice person until you piss me off.
42. I was awarded ‘Best in Writing’ when I was in Nursery. (No wonder I became the Secretary of SSC.)
43. I eat vegetables according to the method of cooking.
44. I love fruits.
45. I have been confined in the hospital, twice.
46. I do households, but not regularly.
47. I envy people who are pretty.
48. It’s easy to lose my self-confidence. Like a minute it’s 100% and after a second, it dropped to zero.
49. I sometimes wish people aren’t that cruel.
50. I want to help refugee people someday.


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