Heart Ignited, Dreams Found

         My dream as a photographer started when “feed” became the trend in one of the most used social networking sites, Instagram. I take random photos through my iPad , process them all through VscoCam, and upload it in my account. As months passed, my parents gave me a new phone, and it gave me a greater opportunity to take more random photos. It became easier for me to snap photos because of it’s quality and because the phone comes in handy. Everywhere I go, my phone is always with me. Well, that dream is the kind of dream I never took seriously. I just take photos, and I just upload it in my IG for feed sake. Nothing more, nothing less. As I uploaded my random shots in facebook, it caught the attention of one of the photojournalists of our school paper named Mr. Dhan Kalalo. He told me that my shots were good and he asked me if I joined The Leaf (which happened to be the name of our schoolpaper). I said no, I didn’t but I want.


I seriously wanted to join The Leaf when the registration was going on, I even asked one of my former classmates if she would join, she said yes. Well, at some point, self-doubt conquered me. I thought, “Ala, wala naman akong binatbat sa mga photojournalist ng school, magagaling sila”. I was two meters away from the registration area, yet I didn’t had the eagerness to write my name and apply for being a photojournalist. Bottomline? I missed the chance.


              He told me that he would ask the moderator if is it still possible for someone to join The Leaf. So I waited for almost 2 weeks, and then bam! I’m now a member of The Leaf. Maybe they saw a potential in me, or maybe they saw something in me I didn’t know existed. My eagerness to become a photographer streched to its highest level. I realized how good God was. I missed the chance, but He made use of a person who would help me to improve my skills one of my ultimate goal. Thank you, Lord! 💯

                   As I joined The Leaf Seminar Workshop, I learned a LOT of things. My dream to be a professional photographer triggered at that moment in time. Bizarre this might be, but I nearly cried as I watched and listened to the speaker. Furthermore, in the workshop, we had an activity which was taking and snapping shots in the street. I didn’t make it to the top 10, but I never really aimed to be one of them. I came there because I wanted to learn, not to win. And guess what? I can say That I was able to imbibe most of the lessons the speaker have said.

                On the other hand, here are some of the photos I took:


         My goal of becoming a professional photographer has just started. If I ever made it to the point that I was able to achieve my dream, the first two persons I will give my sincerest thanks are none other than, Kuya Dhan and Ms. Sison. Both of you are just two of the people who inspired me to do and continue what I love.


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