50 Random Facts About Me

1. I love to take selfies, and after seeing the results, I urgently delete it.
2. I always love the smell of rice. ( The ones that aren’t cooked yet.)
3. I am an awkward person. I don’t usually hug my friends and even my family. I don’t know, maybe I was born to be like this. ( I’m trying to be that sweet person, but I just can’t do it, I just can’t.)
4. I am a sarcastic person. I’ll probably say mean things to you, either your a friend or an enemy. ( There’s no in between.)
5. I never have had any boyfriend.
6. I love Barbie dolls.
7. I am fascinated to the things related with science, like the black hole, UFO’s, planets, and others.
8. I don’t drink tea.
9. I want to be a model someday. Tee hee!
10. I love Dawn Zulueta and Angelina Jolie. Nothing in this world can stop me from loving the both of them.
11. I can’t go on a day without listening music.
12. I want to be successful someday. ( Who doesn’t wish this thing, Hannah?!)
13. I always love the feeling when I am with my friends. They make me happy.
14. I had, I have, and I will always suffer from depression. I overthink to much.
15. I want to be a Lifestyle Blogger like Ida Anduyan.
16. I love anything coffee-flavored.
17. I hate people who are so silent, like ‘Say that you feel awkward and I’ll leave!’
18. I want to travel the world in God’s time.
19. Cellphone, wristwatch, and handkerchief are the things I can’t live without.
20. I love Harry Potter.
21. I never liked to eat sweet “ulams”.
22. I have a habit of leaving a spoonful of rice or something in my plate.
23. My dream camera is the FUJIFILM X-A2. Give me one, please! 😔
24. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are the sites I regularly visit.
25. I always dream of seeing and hugging Dawn Zulueta and Angelina Jolie. That is one of my life goals.
26. I love old songs.
27. I am so fascinated about the reign of Marcos. I am always curious about his presidency. “Was he a really great president or not?” is the question that cling my mind the most.
28. I dream to be a CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT someday.
29. I could care less even if you like me or not.
30. I hate people who don’t smile back at me like ‘ you had the guts to ask me some things, and you were there walking past behind me pretending you didn’t see me at all’.
31. I always hate the smell of ‘calamarez’.
32. I love cold foods.
33. I forgive easily. But always bear in mind that what you’ve done to me will never be forgotten.
34. I learned to say shitty words back when I was grade 7.
35. Someone threw a stone at me when I was little, and the mark is still with me, in my head.
36. I want to be perfectly happy.
37. I hate some people here in our village , even those I consider family.
38. I love to take pictures randomly.
39. I hate when two people drifted together and never came back to fix what’s between them. (I’m referring to Chardawn.)

40. I haven’t had any talent.
41. I’m a nice person until you piss me off.
42. I was awarded ‘Best in Writing’ when I was in Nursery. (No wonder I became the Secretary of SSC.)
43. I eat vegetables according to the method of cooking.
44. I love fruits.
45. I have been confined in the hospital, twice.
46. I do households, but not regularly.
47. I envy people who are pretty.
48. It’s easy to lose my self-confidence. Like a minute it’s 100% and after a second, it dropped to zero.
49. I sometimes wish people aren’t that cruel.
50. I want to help refugee people someday.


Try to know me



2016-04-05 11.24.28 1.jpg
Let me introduce myself to all of you. I am Hannah Kathleen B. Bulanhagui, 16 years old from Batangas, Philippines.

I am was a Grade 10 student at Sta. Teresa College and  is currently was the Supreme Student Council Secretary of the whole STC High School Department.

Some of you may think that I’m too young for this. I tried blogging so I can be productive in my spare time. Oh, speaking of spare time. I got a little of it since I am an ESEP student, and a busy-bee secretary of the Supreme Student Council. But you know, i’d like to start a new hobby. I wont die trying this one. Right?

I never had an idea that i would start a blog like this. I am not fluent in speaking and writing excerpts using the english language. But you know, I wanna try a different style.

I started blogging just today lol, December 22, 2015. uhm, i think i’m just out of my mind trying to open something you no nothing about. yes, i am. REALLY. But i must say that this blogging thingy would be soon my hobby. So I think I opened this blog so I can document my life, although I have Instagram. Hahaha, but who cares. Second, I want to share my thoughts to all of you. And ofcourse, for my own good, i wanna try something fun and new.

Spend some time here in my site and you’ll surely experience some fun. I am just a newbie blogger, but I want to give my creative side of me through this blog.
Hoping that everyone of you will support my blog. Looking forward for a great time with you, folks.

PS: You can follow me on my instagram account, @hannahkathhleen.